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  • Easter Weekend or Before

    Tags: Easter, Good Friday, Jesus, love

    HI, I’M Pastor Mike. I want to personally invite you to join us in celebrating Easter weekend this year.THE WEEKEND BEGINS with Good Friday, which is the day Jesus Christ, the son of God, was nailed … more

  • blog: Worried? You're Not Alone

    Tags: Jesus, worry, anxious, love

    JESUS taught his followers to not worry. In essence He said not to worry about basic needs; God will take care of our needs if we focus on God. He wraps up this teaching by saying, “So don’t worry … more

  • What Is Love?

    Tags: Apostle, John, Love

    "What is Love?"

    In the first epistle of John, chapter 4, he describes what is perfect love. As believers we have all the components available to us to become what God intended for each of us to … more