The Last Words of Jesus: The High Priestly Prayer

Last Words of Jesus:  The High Priestly Prayer


After Jesus told his apostles that he would be leaving them, he prayed to the Father.  Read all of John 17.  In verses 1-5, Jesus prayed for himself, asking for God to glorify him, so that he could glorify the Father, after completing the work God had sent him to do.  He also asked that God would give eternal life to those who believed in the name of the Son, who had all power given to him by God.  He asked to be reunited with God in the glory he shared before the world began.

This shows that everything is for God and for his glory.  It's all about God.  Read also Psalm 23:3.  In Jesus' name, we can come to the Father and be forgiven of sin, adopted into his family as his children, "joint heirs" with Jesus.


Next, he prayed specifically for those twelve men sent to him by God who were in the world.  They now knew that God had given all things to Jesus, believed and accepted the words of Jesus, and that he had been sent by God.  "Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name--the name you gave me--so that they may be one as we are one." (verse 11b).

Jesus was returning to the Father, but the apostles, with the Holy Spirit, would carry on the work of Christ in the world, to the glory of the Father.


Jesus then prayed for future believers, or disciples, who would hear the message of Christ and believe in the gift of salvation, and carry the message to others  "...that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.  May they also be in us, so that all may believe that you have sent me." (vs. 21).


As our relationships grow, so do the number of connection points.  One connection all Christians have is with God who has "infinite" connections.  As believers we are connected to each other in the body of Christ.  Each of us is a "triune" in body, soul and spirit; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a triune; marriage is a triune with God, husband and wife; families are a triune with father, mother, children.  This example is God's plan for us to reach the world for Christ.  Everyone has an impact on their family, extended family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances, leaders and the world.  Each of us can have a positive impact on another person, who in turn can reach another person.


Put Your Faith in Action:  How are your own "connections"? 

Consider making a Prayer Ripple Chart.  With your family in the center, add others who connect with you, adding "rings" of names around your own family.  This is one way to remember those needs you are aware of, and keeping everyone in your prayers. 



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