WHO is Church: Respect Authority

Who is Church: Respect Your Authority


All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me.  Matthew 28:18

In this verse Christ reminds us that in Him rests all authority and all authority eminates from God.  As such we, as children of God, must be judicious in how we display our authority to others.


Sometimes in our relationships we expect others to live by a standard that we often do not meet ourselves.  Much like the Pharisees in John 8 who caught a women in adultery and demanded that she should be stoned as the Law of Moses commands, Christ bent down and wrote in the dirt the laws that each of these Pharisees had violated.  In time, they all dropped their stones and left.


In that passage we see Christ's authority over the Pharisees and that woman.  When her accusers were gone, Christ forgave her and told her in loving discipline to "go and leave your life of sin".  I am sure she left a changed woman having witnessed divine authority and forgiveness.  When we deal with our children or those who we may have authority over, we must remember that all authority is from God and so treat it as such.

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