Faith In Action


CR Summit 2016

Aug. 21, 2016—Being at the Celebrate Recovery Summit’s 25th Anniversary was the greatest experience for our three leaders here at Antelope Springs Celebrate Recovery. We learned the basics of why we are changing our approach to mental health and how we’re going to create a safe place for our military (calling this group “Welcome Home”); plus we learned about Celebrate Recovery Native Nations, where we will be bringing Celebrate Recovery to our Native Nations throughout the United States. Pastor Rick Warren shared about our birthrights and how to keep from throwing our birthrights away.


Making a Commitment

It's not too late to make a pledge to support Faith in Action for Phase Two of our master plan at Antelope Springs, a Christian Education building. Please pray and seek God's plan for you through the Kingdom Growth Campaign and put your Faith in Action by following God's leading. Watch Pastor Mike Easter during the morning live feed on April 19 as he provides a plan update. You can print out a commitment card here. You are also welcome to make online commitments to pray and/or contribute to growing God's Kingdom through Antelope Springs. If you would like to make your financial contributions electronically, click here and select the Building Fund. You can also make secure electronic payment through your phone by texting the message GIVE2ASC to 51400.

Following God

If God is calling you to lend a hand with the building project, we welcome you! Contact Chris Masters to see where your skills can be used. If you're wondering how God wants you to support the new facility, start by praying. Daily conversations with our heavenly Father through prayer and quiet time to listen for his voice are your best next steps. Then, don't be surprised by his response but rather be faithful in knowing that He is in command of this entire project. If He asks you to give or to labor or to share words of encouragement, trust that He will help you—and be obedient to His calling.

Stay Informed

In addition to visiting our website, here are some ways you can keep informed of what's happening with Faith in Action: Facebook Follow our page and like, comment, and share our daily posts. Google+ Posts are on the Antelope Springs Church profile page so be sure to "friend" us! Twitter Follow us and retweet any messages that inspire or inform you so others can benefit too! Text Send the word "Jesus" to 51400 and you'll receive news, thoughts for the week and more, coming directly to your mobile phone.


You may have questions about the new building, the process, the funding, or more. Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions for details. If you find that your question hasn't been answered, please email so we can add to our FAQs to help you and others. Thank you!