Faith in Action FAQ

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To be the catalyst for Gospel-centered change in people’s lives and our GLOCAL(global and local) community—“Glocal Gospel Change." That, at least, is the vision for Antelope Springs Church as a whole as we go into the future. The vision for this FAITH IN ACTION campaign is to pay off as much of the cost of the new building as possible over the next three years so that we have the finances available to live out the Glocal Gospel Change vision, rather than spend our money on a mortgage. In short, the vision for the FAITH IN ACTION campaign is to build a Christian Education building with as little debt as possible.
The site master plan for our church includes four phases. Our current building was Phase One. The Christian Education building we are preparing to build is Phase Two. Included in Phase Two is a remodel of our current building to expand the worship center and build a commercial kitchen and a bigger lobby. The projected cost for the new building and remodel of the current building is $1.5 million.
We have already been talking with CIF, our current lender, and they are favorable toward financing the whole project. Whatever we don’t raise through our FAITH IN ACTION campaign will be financed. The goal is to pay off the new building as quickly as possible, but the main goal is to build the Christian Education building.
Even though we haven’t been building the new building, there have been costs associated with it, such as architect fees, building permits, and other expenses. We still have a sizeable amount from the previous campaign in 2004, and each month people are faithfully giving to the building fund, so some of the previous money has been spent and some is still in the building fund account.
How long will this take? The Christian answer is: “In God’s time.” Realistically, it took one year to build and occupy the current building, so we expect it to take about that long once all of the approvals and funding are in place.
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY—and then be obedient to what God is calling you to do. We also have many open spots on the campaign team to do a variety of things. If you are not serving at Antelope Springs Church yet, this is a great way to get started. After the campaign we will find your SHAPE for service and get you into the spot that God has prepared for you.
There will be a big celebration on Commitment Sunday where we announce the total commitment. Throughout the three years of the campaign we will continue to give updates on total giving and provide testimonies of life change and community impact because of the church putting our Faith in Action.
People’s concerns about not wanting to become so big that they get lost among all the people is a valid point. At Antelope Springs Church, our goal has always been to be obedient to what God is calling us to do. We believe that God is calling us to reach more people for His Kingdom. The way we feel that God has called us to make sure that we keep our same family-type atmosphere with a new building is by becoming a church of small groups. This process is well underway with over half of our church participating in small groups. As we grow bigger, we will stay connected through small groups. Additionally, it seems in our context that “mega-church” is not our direction (although such a thing as a mega-church is biblical—read Acts 2:41 and 4:4). Most of those churches have 3–5 times the property that we do, so there is a space problem that God would have to solve if that is what He wants us to be. Again, it is all about God and being obedient to what His desire for His church is.
Yes! We wouldn’t be bringing this to you if leadership wasn’t behind the campaign.