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"We’ve been praying, planning and waiting on God’s timing for this next step in our journey as a community of faith, and now is the time."

"I ask that you start praying now through what you believe God is laying on your heart..."

Dear Friends,

As I’ve been pastoring Antelope Springs Church for the last year and half, you’ve heard me speak of the future, and seen me point to the back of the worship center toward the back half of our property. I’ve been rather vague in details, but always pointing toward a future time for our church.

I am excited to say that the time has come! We’ve struggled through the morass of bureaucratic red tape and technical obstacles to reach this point where it is time to put our FAITH IN ACTION! I’m talking about Phase Two of our master plan, a Christian education building. We’ve been praying, planning and waiting on God’s timing for this next step in our journey as a community of faith, and now is the time.This building will be a 13,500 square foot, two story building with classrooms, offices, and a 140 seat worship center. It will become a place for men, women and children to learn more about Jesus Christ.

Additionally, we will remodel our current building to expand the worship center, creating more space for more worshippers. I’m sorry, I have to stop and breathe for a minute – I’m so excited I’m hyperventilating.

One of the great things that has happened is the recent development to the north and east of Antelope Springs Church, which has brought water and utilities closer to the church, allowing us to save money on the overall project. This development is also a sign that God is opening doors for His Kingdom to grow.I am writing to you today to announce the launch of our campaign – FAITH IN ACTION.

You may wonder why we are doing this campaign. There is a two-fold purpose and three-fold benefit to hold a campaign like FAITH IN ACTION. The first purpose is to broadly and deeply communicate the future vision of Antelope Springs Church so that we are all on the same page moving forward on our journey from here to Him. The second purpose is to raise money to pay for the new building. The three benefits are unity in the whole body of believers; involvement of many more people in service at the church; and not having a mortgage (or at least having a much smaller one) so that more money can be used to spread the Gospel, instead of paying for a building.

Speaking of mortgages and money, to complete the construction of the new building and the remodel of the current one will likely take about 1.5 million dollars. Currently, we would probably have no trouble making a mortgage payment on that amount, but I really don’t feel that God wants us to spend the next twenty years in debt. I feel He is calling us to move forward with the growth of His Kingdom, and also to commit ourselves to sacrificial giving to pay off the project quickly.

There is no doubt in my mind that now is the time to put our FAITH IN ACTION and move forward with expansion of the ministry through building this Christian education building. There is much to be excited about with this new building. First, we’ll have more space. More space means freedom to do more ministry, like small groups; English as a second language classes; tutoring for students; and Sunday school classes for adults. We can also offer the additional space for the community to use for meetings and events, thus showing people love by sharing what God has blessed us with.

The new building will also allow us the possibility to have multiple worship services and styles, given that we’ll have another worship space. We can have separate junior high and high school worship on Sunday morning, or we can have a traditional service with hymns one hour while keeping our two current worship services, thus giving us three services in only two hours. Alternatively we can have a Spanish language service in the new building, or use it for a video feed and seating for overflow from the main worship center. Additionally, a second building will be a visible testimony to the work God is doing at Antelope Springs Church. People will see us building and hear the excitement when we talk about it. People will be drawn to “Come and See” what’s happening.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing more about this campaign and this vision. I ask that you start praying now through what you believe God is laying on your heart to contribute to this project (above and beyond your normal giving). I only want you to give what God says to give; therefore, discerning His voice and will is of utmost importance. And please, as you are praying for your part in this, please lift up this entire process and ask our Heavenly Father to give our leadership wisdom as we make the tough decisions and navigate this for our church family.

I love you more than you know, and am grateful to be with you on this journey from here to Him.

Grace and peace,

Mike Easter, Lead Pastor