Journey to Transform


COMMIT TO GATHER together to celebrate Jesus and live in community. Sometimes this crazy idea of independence can grab hold, making you think that oneness is best—that aloneness is freedom. But God in His perfect example is three in one: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. He is always naturally in relationship, and He wants the same for you.

Meeting routinely as a whole church to celebrate God’s presence offers time to rejuvenate and refocus on life beyond yourself. It helps you learn about and respond to God’s leading. Smaller gatherings allow you to draw close to a core group of seekers and believers to build deep connections with people you can turn to when life gets tough.

Because children learn from the example of adults, it’s also important to provide large and small group gatherings for kids as they grow up. The activities and ages may be different (and supervised) but the idea of relationship with God and others is the same.

Let yourself be transformed from a life of self-focus to a life led by God.