On Mission Locally and Globally

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  GOD IS A SENDING GOD. He sends His church out to fulfill His mission for the world. At Antelope Springs Church we are a gathering that is both sent and sending to do Gospel work in our local and global communities. Whether supporting missionaries or going and doing the work of the ministry ourselves, we are used by God to bring Gospel change in people’s lives.


OUR CHURCH FAMILY JOYFULLY lends a helping hand and a loving heart to follow the example set by Jesus 2,000 years ago. Sometimes this is through outreaches that we host at the church, and other times we head into our surrounding community to serve those in need and pray for our neighbors and leaders.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Every summer we hold a weeklong program for 150 children from Pre-K to grade 6. This evening outreach really brings the love of the Lord into perspective as we meet many new kids, celebrate God’s love, perform skits and productions based on stories of the Bible, and rock to the music of a live band. Another 100 student and adult leaders come alongside to bring the year’s theme to life.

Tween and Teen Outreach Nights

On Tuesday and Thursday nights all through the school year our Student Ministries bring youths together for fun, worship, and teaching from the Bible. Tuesday night is Refuge for high schoolers, held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday night brings together middle schoolers at Wildside from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Keep an eye on the youth webpage calendars for special outreach themes like Superhero Night, Pajama Christmas, Snow Bell, End-of-School Bash, and the Lock-In Overnighter. These are great times to invite lots of friends to join the fun.

Kidzone Sundays

This isn’t just Sunday School! Special theme Sundays take place each month of the year—some are tied to holidays while others are just for fun. These outreach Sundays are great times for kids to invite friends for special God-centered hands-on projects like kiting, crafts, gifts, and performances.

Acts 1:8 Missions to our Neighborhood

In Acts 1:8, Jesus directs us to “be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Taking this to heart, we share the love of Jesus with our neighbors in ways that naturally fit with how God made us. That might be by prayer walking, random acts of kindness, neighborhood events or involvement, or other compassionate acts. There are no set days or locations for these acts of love. Each member of our church family is encouraged to step out as God leads us to act.

Urban Missions

Our love and compassion can be just as valuable locally as it is globally. By partnering with humanitarian organizations right here in California, we’re able to serve homeless, disadvantaged, and lost souls, sharing the message of the Gospel. Union Gospel Mission, Awana, and Fresno Rescue Mission are a few of our connections to urban service. We also occasionally provide for missionaries traveling through our area.


OUR CHURCH FAMILY IS PLEASED to support missions and missionaries working in other regions of the U.S. and across the globe. We are also excited to see many missionaries rise up from within the ranks of our church with a passion for sharing the Gospel with people of all ages.

Focus on Children

Asia, Africa, and South America

Each fall, our church and our Awana kids leap at the chance to prepare shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child. This program of Samaritan’s Purse puts Christmas gifts and the Gospel message in the hands of children across the globe and shares the message of hope through Jesus. We provide over 300 boxed gifts each year.


Child Sponsorship is a direct and ongoing way to make a lasting change in a child’s life. Many families and ministries at Antelope Springs sponsor children and their communities through monthly giving to organizations like World Vision, ChildFund International, WorldHelp, and Compassion International. We also host an annual Compassion Sunday in the spring to invite more child sponsorships.

Short-term Missions

Each year, we have young adults and adults from Antelope Springs take short-term mission trips to locations like Uganda, Ireland, Haiti, and points in Asia and eastern Europe. In 2016, we’re starting a partnership with Delta Ministries International, which coordinates short-term missions. We look forward to having this partnership make even more mission opportunities available.


Families at Antelope Springs are sponsoring 50 children in a single foreign community to pay for essentials like two meals a day, schooling, supervised and safe play, and church services. Through this support we are sharing God's love and demonstrating commitment, options, and hope for a different future.

Sponsored Missionaries


For the past six years, we have helped support an independent missionary to India who serves at-risk children, leads VBS programs, and facilitates a women’s ministry.

Republic of Cameroon

Calvin and Susanne Hohn and their two girls have been long-term missionaries for North American Baptist Conference in western Africa. There, they are sharing the Gospel message with villagers, teaching, building partnerships, and serving vulnerable families.


Our sponsored missionaries for Wycliffe Bible Translators serve with the mission to bring God’s Word to everyone in the world in their native tongue. Up to 1,800 languages around the world are still in need of Bible translation projects, a critical service that makes clear the truth of Jesus’s sacrifice and God’s love for us.

Arizona, U.S.

Serving as full-time missionaries for Cru, Keith and Desyre MacMillan reach young adults on the campus of Arizona State University. As America's largest university, the school has an enrollment of over 76,000 students and international students from 100+ countries.

San Bernardino, CA, U.S.

The Inland Empire east of Los Angeles is home to some of the nation’s most ethnically and socio-economically diverse college campuses. Thom and Jessica MacMillan will soon be reaching the next generation of influential leaders and changing the region as lost students from every background connect to Jesus Christ and His mission.

Prayer for Missions

OUR BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE action is to pray for miracles and hearts to be softened to the message of the Gospel. Mission projects, missionaries, individuals, and whole countries will benefit from your consistent and heartfelt prayers. So take your first step in missions work by making a commitment to regularly pray for the projects and missionaries of Antelope Springs.

Contact Us

IF YOU'D LIKE to hear about mission opportunities or learn more about local and global outreach activities at Antelope Springs, please email Missions Coordinator Kathie Roe.

“Knowing God and making Him known is part of our Great Commission; taking God’s Word outside of our own comfort zone allows us to be transformed and the Holy Spirit to work through His broken vessels,”