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At Antelope Springs Church, you'll find a true partnership in teaching your students lifelong values that are needed for a healthy life. We believe these values come from the timeless truths in God’s Word, the Bible.

God's Plan

We want all students who come to Wildside or see us out in the community to know that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives. And that BEGINS with a relationship with our Creator through His one and only Son, Jesus. Each week, we share these truths in a relevant way so that your student can apply them to everyday life.


Thursday nights, Sunday mornings—plus special trips and events—give your student a place to come and to bring friends! We want to help your child connect with other students and learn to grow in faith.


Service projects give us a chance to go into our community and show the love of Jesus Christ and train our students to live the way Jesus did—by serving people!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and know that our doors are always open to you. If you’d like to check out our programs, please feel free to do so!