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    Why VBS?
    Parents, you have lots of options for kids to learn and be active this summer, and VBS is a worthy one to add to the schedule. Originally called Vacation Bible School, it’s nothing like school nowadays but instead is a high-energy family atmosphere where kids can relax, escape from mundane summer boredom—and of course find freedom in God’s saving grace. Each day, kids travel through several stations in their small-group teams, where they forge new friendships, cut loose with positive music alternatives, burn energy playing active games, and are challenged to think wisely about the daily choices they make. What better approach to navigating through the complications of peer pressure, self-confidence, and integrity than with the support of God’s Word and good mentors? In the backdrop of the popular Minion Factory theme, the overarching message this year is about putting others first and learning the joy of serving. You know…
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