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    WE ALL GET DISCOURAGED, even when we know we are doing what God has asked us to do. Sometimes it comes from within as we begin focusing on our abilities and resources and stop focusing on God’s provision. But often discouragement comes from others who don’t share our vision or believe we can ever reach our goal. Consider Noah and his family. Imagine the ridicule they heard from those neighbors and friends as they labored for 100 years at building an ark on dry land. The people’s laughter turned to panic when the first raindrops fell. We know Nehemiah felt discouragement during construction of the wall surrounding Jerusalem. From his experience, Nehemiah chapter 4 tells how we can overcome our internal and external discouragements. 1. Nehemiah focused on his mission; although he heard the taunts and threats of his enemies he prayed for God to deal with them while he…
    14 July 2016 in Antelope Springs Posts
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